You are all the characters you play

You are not one life. You are the sum of all your life’s experiences (Some believe, the sum of your previous lifes’ experiences too. Doesn’t matter) You live in more than one dimension. Interact with…


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A Guide to Understanding Advance Empathic Abilities

The term empathic can mean a lot, but I define it as comprehending another’s emotions or thoughts.

The basics

Think of an empathic mind as a forum beings visit. People or entities come to your empathic mind to present opinions, ideas, or concepts. There are also images and memories posted. The visitors can appear with an avatar or with their internal self-image. That is to say, with a mask or with innocence. Like on a forum, people or entities can present the truth to you as they would like it or in an askew way.

Why do people or entities do this? Well, why would you go to an online forum? You seek that which will listen or accept your personal expertise in life. You also might want to learn something from others or share an experience. Maybe you feel you have nobody in your life who understands you, so you turn to the internet.

Continuing with my example, the internet is a realm beyond the worldly senses. Through nonphysical means, people seek out something of interest. Think of a computer user online who encounters a cool forum with appealing colors, a tag line, and an attractive web design. You, as an empath, are that thing of interest found. But how? The internet is nothing but energy (electricity, light, radio waves, etc.) being transferred from one physical device to another. People don’t have to move from their offices at home to interact with people worldwide. So, empathic abilities make sense if you expand your thinking.

Humans and other entities are constantly exhausting energy. That energy has information or is, in its entirety, information that can be taken in and analyzed. Think of the way a star gives off light. That light can guide, blind, misdirect, fuel life, or even lead to documents. Though, that light is just energy.

In the same way, thoughts and emotions are energy. That energy can be transferred instantly or dwell in an area. Being able to pick up on that energy is probably instinctive. Still, maybe there is a way to enhance the ability. This guide is for those who can’t help being overwhelmed by this energy to the point it’s intrusive.

Find you’re at-rest state

First, you have to know where you end, and the intrusive energy begins. This requires a lot of alone time. You may need to control your environment and have no distractions. Some can be alone while in a crowd. It differs for everyone, but the idea is the same: find a place where you’re at peace and can concentrate on your innermost self.

You can’t cower there for long before being disrupted. However, when alone, who you are will come to the surface. This is the first step in distinguishing your energy from others. For 15 minutes at a time, resist touching a phone, laptop, or any other device. Also, resist reaching out physically or mentally to anyone. Just sit with yourself.

Now, are you angry? Happy? At peace? How would you define yourself if you were observing yourself from afar? Use words. Draw a picture. Sing a song. Whatever feels suitable and accurate. Don’t fake it. You won’t need to share this with anyone. No grades. No need to impress. How you define yourself while alone is your anchor or maybe your totem (if you like the movie Inception). Try to keep your definition of yourself in the nonphysical. After all, it isn’t the physical you are having trouble with. For example, if a trinket grounds you, what happens when you lose the trinket? Will you lose your mind or march on?

Now, test the waters

It is time to learn how to be open to the experience of being empathic on your own terms. This can be done by sitting in silence and reaching out with your mind. Try not to think of anything in particular, but rather let whatever comes to you come. It might be a feeling, an image, or a thought. Accept it and analyze it later.

If you are advanced, this will be too easy and overwhelming. Depending on your at-rest state and mind, you will be able to tell when something foreign enters. Feel the difference in your intensity of feelings, the tempo of images flashing in your mind, and new opinions about yourself that go against your pre-defined self.

The ego will make use of all things

Often you will rationalize intrusive energy as being an outcome of your imagination. If you receive images or memories from others, you will find yourself at the center of those things.

This can be described as you having a wild imagination. However, know that you are using more than just an inventive imagination. Remember to be creative or resourceful is possible for anyone. Still, you need to ask yourself why are you “imagining” the images or memories that you are?

Why are the things in your mind so vivid, and why do you feel guilt, remorse, or anything if they are just imagined concepts? Formulating new ideas and envisioning the fabrications of another mind are two different things.

Think of imagination as stuff that relates to your personal experiences. Otherwise, think of analyzing intrusive energy as having visuals, internal conversations, or emotions beyond what you have ever experienced physically.

Headaches and physical pain

The intrusion of emotions and energy can sometimes lead to such a chaotic mindscape that headaches or other physical ailments occur. This is the body’s way of saying, “Hey, something isn’t right.” So, if you get a headache or any other physical response to your mental state, take a break.

Relax. Listen to something calming. Take a walk. Do whatever is calming that clears your head. Find that anchor I mentioned earlier to keep yourself from drifting away during a storm.

You can also try to meditate on the energy causing you pain. Try to locate it in your body and imagine it leaving your body. Try to push it out with your hands. Remember, this takes practice, and you might not be successful the first time. Just keep trying.

The best way to protect yourself is to know yourself. You must know where you end and the world begins. If you do not have a strong sense of self, it will be difficult to discern what is yours and what isn’t. This can lead to problems, including allowing others to control you and taking on their baggage as your own. So, work on having a solid sense of self, and the rest will follow.

Internal conversations

Sometimes the visuals or audio in your head can play out interactively. So, Instead of being a bystander, you can interact with what is in your head. What plays out is a two-way conversation between you and whatever connects to you. Think of this like automatic writing, but you are in more control. You can change the visuals in your head like you would in a lucid dream. See how the visuals adapt to your tampering. Sometimes your tampering will lead to nothing. Other times you will get a clear counter move to your efforts.

You can use this interaction as a form of divination. Ask a question, and then let the conversation play out in whatever way. The answer might not be clear, but you can get a general idea of what is going on. Sometimes the answer is very straightforward. You can have an entire conversation the same way you would talk to a person face to face.

Try to keep things off the paper until needed. Imagine someone having a conversation with you and then detailing it in a public post, article, or book. You would probably not like that and be wary about talking to that person again. The same goes for people or entities you interact with on a mental level.

Respect their privacy and do not share what goes on between you without permission or reason. If someone is oversharing, you can try to block them or set boundaries. It is your head, so you make the rules.

Final words

Most importantly, remember that you are in control of your own mind. You make the rules, so if something isn’t working for you, change it. Find what does work and stick with that. Trust yourself and your intuition. You know what is best for you.

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