Trauma Magic by Clementine Morrigan

Essential food for a radical queer praxis. Trauma (which is the lasting effects of violence on the mind and body) is a teacher that attends to history, individual human healing, and moving into right…


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Taje Diana, I am a medium, healer and a creative writer.

We are getting closer to the new year and this will be another test that you must complete. This years energy has been overwhelmingly positive because we can start to see the imprint that we built over the years. Those seeds that have been planted 5 years ago is actually came or about to sprout. Since you have prepared, making sure that you come to a understading of yourself, you innerstand that you are monetizing your brand. Self reflection and self perservation helped you with relationships and businesses. All of those rudiments are revolutionary relationships, funds, branding and grounding. Our ability to have senses hightened when it comes to caution this will help you have a quick witted attack plan. 2020 is a real big thing there has been a decade that passed. This is the time to stop talking and start doing, the planet needs attention this is not one of those things we should let pass because the enviorment is a reflection of our doings weather its good are bad. There are still people who are not woke instead of seeing them struggling to tread water, its time to start helping them levetate. When someones in struggle the last thing you should do is kick them down, no person is worthy of being the judger regardless, the polarity always is present. We keep going on with the same story but if we are teachers we need to embrace all the aspect of self, the more its being finessed the harder it will get back at you and you know karma is the biggest teacher. Even though you might be tired of preaching to the choir people need to be reminded today or someome that may cross you path with needed a sudden inspiration or solution. Being driven towards physical and lustful aspects can create a fake love for self we should never walk around being over confident in our looks, or insecure about something that is seen as a flaw. Innerstanding is the key, some things outside like being the-outside- looking-in when there is a personal battle this will help you see how a person may feel. Yes we should not care about so much of how we feel yet if you want to have an ongoing ship you have to make compromises and not be stubboring. The mind can play tricks on you there can be such group that support your low point of view but regardless of the popularity it can hold you back. When your back is against the wall who is the real safeway you can turn to? When you try to think for yourself and others that doesn’t help you self care you need a second opinion sometimes that can be anything from if you need a procedure done or if you need legal advice. No one knows everything I wish I could say when you think of the tropics its having a defining taste with beatiful mixture and beauty. Dont think that you can do it all you’ll be surprised on how much you learn. I like expercing things new because I like versatility. Staying stuck in the same pattern and routine that you been doing for a decade now its old and the new year will wash you up, its time to take advantage of the time you have until the new year comes.

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