Achievements and Limitations of Open Access Movement

As described in our prior post, excessive commercialization in academic publishing led to an alternative form of sharing academic results called Open Access(OA). OA is a movement which supports the…


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The Monsoon Saga

Monsoon in Kerala is every Malayalee’s nostalgia. We can talk incessantly about the beauty of the rains, smell of the mud when it rains, the mesmerising greenery, the melancholic look of the sky and more. As a kid, I used to conveniently forget my umbrella at home when I go to school and come home completely drenched during monsoon. I can sit hours in my balcony, watching rain and listening to its sound. After the rain, I would go and stand under the tree in our garden and shake the branches. All the water collected on the leaves and branches will shower on me and I would jump with joy. I would pull my brother too into all these mischiefs and we both would get scolded for playing in the rain. Floating paper boats in the puddles was more fun than dipping your legs in the swimming pool. After all this mischiefs, mom would hand over a cup of herbal coffee infused with dry ginger, jaggery, elaichi, pepper and Thulasi (basil) so that we don’t catch cold or fever. We would sip that hot coffee and sit on the veranda of my house discussing rain again. Sometimes, there would be power failure in our street during rain when a branch of a tree falls on electric wires. Friends from the neighbourhood would come over and we would play rain games. The sound of rain at night while going to sleep is like music to your ears.

So, when I thought of visiting Kerala this month, the first thing that came to my mind was that I would get to enjoy rains after so many years. But my family warned me that the nature of monsoon has changed in the recent years and it is no longer beautiful. I brushed their warning aside. After reaching here, when it started raining, I curled up in that old ancestral chair in my balcony watching the rain lost in my own thoughts. I could see notifications on my phone but avoided looking at it so that I could soak in the beauty of the rain and create new monsoon memories.

An hour later, I got up from my seat to go back to my work calls. During a call, a colleague asked me about the rain in Kerala and I said it is beautiful. He was surprised to hear that as he had seen visuals of the havoc rain has caused in the state. After the call, I opened my WhatsApp to see pictures and videos of monsoon wrecking havoc in some parts of the state.

Yes, it is true that the monsoon saga has changed in Kerala and people are talking more about stories of destruction. Floods in Kerala in 2018 unleashed horror, misery, losses and caused many lives. The aftermath of the flood still prevails in this part of the world. This year too, monsoon is on a destruction spree. It has already claimed lives and knocked down properties. Experts say that the coming days could be worse.

Mother Nature has shaken off her soft, kind and benevolent character. Should we be surprised? She is seeking vengeance for all the abuse human beings have been doing to her all these years. But we still have to convince businesses about adopting #Environmental, #Social and #Governance (#ESG) practices. We still debate about the profitability of #ESG investing? Is it so difficult to do business responsibly? What is good for human lives will always be good for business in the long term. How long will it take man to realise this?

Night has fallen. It is raining again.

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