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Playbook Landing Page

I really love Dungeons and Dragons. It’s creative, collaborative storytelling at it’s best, and there’s a ton to be learned about product design and teamwork from roleplaying, especially as the game master.

One thing I certainly do not love about DnD is the math, and accounting. There’s a ton of it, from tracking health points, to keeping inventory under control, managing spells and slots…

Now that I’m no longer at Evaline, I’ve had more time to focus on projects like Playbook and VEXvolt, a hardware product. I’ve been working on Playbook for months, and am nearing a demo-ready product—which means I’ll need test users.

So, with the product goals of Playbook set out (beautiful, focused, no-fuss character sheets), I built a landing page to help interested people find Playbook, and express interest.

One of the driving technical challenges behind Playbook’s interface is taking the huge variety of interface components behind a possible character sheet (casters have very different sheets compared to fighters, and will vary further by class and race), and to filter it down to just what’s necessary at that moment. With the landing page, I did the same — the intro is just an intro, and when a user expresses interest in the product, they’re only presented with an input field.

The experience is focused on just what is important at that specific moment, sparing the user any unnecessary keystrokes or clicks.

In the future, I’d like to add a Mailchimp integration, in addition to the existing Slack integration, but for now, it’s just the Signup Wizard. When a user enters and submits their email, a Slack webhook posts to #playbook-signups! Here’s the code:

When a user submits their email, I get a nice little notication via Slack. :)

Thanks, Beta Wizard!

I’m definitely looking for beta testers to provide feedback on the early alpha in 2018, and could use some development help, especially with React. We’re using Next.js and Firestore.

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