Gourmet Galaxy analized by Astral Design

Today to start this new project of the Astral Design blog, we have started with the idea of participating in the Gourmet Galaxy initiative, analyzing this case and this new project, the services it…


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The Inglorious Bastards

There live a few dogs outside my office. They eat half-eaten things that strangers toss at them, sometimes, and drink muddy water from potholes on the road made with cheap concrete.

I call them the Inglorious Bastards. I don't think they are aware of that name though.

The bastards, they mostly seem happy. At times, I have seen them hopping into puddles and sleeping in the middle of the road with their belly facing the sky.

I wanted to know their secret. Their answer to the mysteries of the universe. Maybe they see something in the night sky that human eyes could never fathom.

So I decided to start interviewing them. It wasn't hard. I knew where to find them. Plus, they were pretty affable. Well, mostly. This is an ongoing process. Whenever I find them loafing around, I pop a question. The answers I find interesting, I’ll keep puting them up here.

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