How to Use Landing Pages to Test New Business or Product Ideas

When it comes to launching a new product or business, my mantra is to “fall in love with the problem, not the solution.” In other words: even if you think you’ve come up with the next big thing, you…


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From chemist to developer. How I changed my career.

Since I was a high school student I knew I liked to study, I wanted to learn about everything, however, I never really knew what to study.

In Mexico you finish high school at the age of 18 when everything has gone well, immediately after that you have to decide what you are going to study in college. Generally no one has the opportunity to select electives and try out what you are good at or what you like, it’s a straight dive into uncertainty.

Education in Mexico can be very cheap and very good, at the university where I studied, the UNAM, the annual cost is $0.20 Mexican pesos, something like $0.01 USD per year and the quality is superb, it is ranked among the top three universities in Latin America, only after the Univeridade de Sao Paulo and the Universitat de Barcelona.

My path to discovering what I wanted to study started as an innocent young man choosing a degree in mathematics, however, I quickly realized that it required a mental maturity that I did not have at the time, I went from a small town in the center of the country to a big city where everything was different. I didn’t last more than a semester and decided to go back home, I went into depression for not being with my parents, my friends, my girlfriend, my dogs, my bed, everything that made me feel at home.

The effort of having entered that career, preparing so much to take the exam and giving up was a strong blow.

In the midst of my depression I decided to take the entrance exam to UAM, the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, now not for mathematics but for medicine, again I entered, again I returned to the now Mexico City and again it required a mental maturity that I did not have, I was still 18 years old but I had already dropped out of college twice.

At UAM I was paying something like $350 pesos per quarter, something like $17 USD, what impressed me the most was the price of food, at UAM-X one can eat well for $10 pesos, something like $0.50 USD.

I was in the middle of a hole of abandonment, I didn’t know if I was good to study, or to live alone, I thought that all the time I would live with my parents and I could never be self-sufficient, that all my dreams as a teenager were going up in smoke, a family, a…

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