Will Custom Software Make Your Company More Efficient?

Every business wants, needs, to be more efficient, to do more with less — bluntly to make more profit. And business owners should ask themselves, “Will custom software make my business more efficient…


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You are all the characters you play

You are not one life. You are the sum of all your life’s experiences (Some believe, the sum of your previous lifes’ experiences too. Doesn’t matter) You live in more than one dimension. Interact with many realities. Let’s not forget, You are interacting with yourself.

You are a man or a woman, you are/were a child, you are a peer and an elder. You work with a group of people. You see a whole bunch of people every single day. You have a hobby. You have 1–1 relationships. You live with yourself inside your head. All of this demands your attention and energy. The harder you work at something, better the experience you will have in that role.

If you want to improve yourself as one entity. You can improve all the major aspects of your life.

Understand that your experiences are influenced by

You feel something special when you are with someone you love. Small actions they do, puts a grin on your face. If you are surrounded by lazy people at your work place, you will feel low on energy. If you find a great crowd at a party, the party feels so much better.

We interact with reality in the form of:

You cannot define yourself by your interactions with few specific people. But by all of them. Your emotions and energy depend a lot on what kind of interactions you have with other people.

You define a bunch of roles for yourself and you play them. You love some of them, and dislike few roles. You try harder at the ones that really matter to you (which is like a good investment)

I hope to convey this in the blog: Don’t be hard on yourself over few roles that are not going really well. If they are really important to you, pay more attention and improve yourself (which involves admitting you need improvement). Understand what you are in that place to those people and be your best.

The roles and the people you interact with changes as you mature and evolve. It is not an easy task to let go of people. But you must. To evolve you need to change your energy and only the people who evolve the same way as you do, will stick with you and that is totally fine.

There is a role you play for yourself. This is a tuff one. You choose to be a lot of things, most of the time for other people. You think others might know better. But what you feel is more important (My personal opinion!). This role is all up to you. That’s why it is the easiest and the hardest at the same time. This is something you define for yourself. You should be what you want to be, and say what you feel like. Try !? This role will define how you perform in all the other roles.

If people around you give ‘correction’ signals, take them and improve your role. People are great source of energy. You should munch on that. But they also make you do a lot of things. Which is not so cool.

You were raised by your parents. When you were a baby, you looked at them and cried for care and love. They gave everything you ever had as a child. These guardians include any elder who cared for you. You want to do right by them. You are the product of their lives so make it count.

They grow old and you take care of them. So pay your respects to those souls responsible for your existence. Their strength is your threshold. So push yourself higher and make them proud.

This is the relation you derive the most amount of experiences ( personal opinion:). You like a specific kind of people. There are traits that you value and can stand for a long time. Even if at the beginning you choose friends based on who is in the vicinity, you will end up sticking with the ones you really admire.

You break bad with your best friends. I don’t know what’s the best thing to do in this role. You can try not to impress anyone because it’s not worth it. Learn from your peers, especially the things they are not preaching. Some are really opportunists, some are very lazy, some get all the work done, I hate those. Some are passionate. Some are really happy just chilling and watching TV. Cool!

This is the role you take up very early if you have siblings or very late otherwise. You are responsible for the experience of a certain individual. You should be very good to kids (I felt I needed to tell). The kids behave to impress elders. You will have nephews and nieces who will look up to you and learn a great deal from you.

You should become a mentor. You should bother enough with yourself and discover secrets which works for you and teach them to someone younger. It helps a great deal to both of you.

Take care.

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