How much does it Cost to Build a Healthcare App? A Complete Guide

With advanced technology and growing awareness about healthcare, customized HealthTech App Development has turned into a necessity than a preference. If research done by Statista is to be believed…


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Can we skip to the good part?

Photo by Anastasia Anastasia on Unsplash

I remember my last year birthday. I hid off the face of the earth, not because anything was wrong but because I was unsettled. I was at that phase where I was still deciding if my dreams were worth the struggle. The phase where I realized I had to choose between growth or comfort, because it was easier to give up.

In the past year, I have come to a place where I have stopped playing religion. A place where I have learned to understand that the centre of Gods heart is mercy, but this ‘mercy’ was not an avenue to only accept the saving part of Him, but also His lordship. Sometimes, I catch myself talking about the Holy Spirit in ways I previously never knew existed, and it is honestly an exciting experience.

Photo by Danny Lines on Unsplash

Secondly, im grateful for mindful relationships. This year I understood that love was really about making efforts and being intentional. I know I could be described as a ‘hard girl’, but most of these relationships have melted a part of my heart.

Im also so grateful that everyone around me is experiencing a form of growth, and it warms my heart.

I remember silently asking God for local church where I could be active, but God did better and gave me a Family. In less than 6 months, I can honestly say I’m experiencing so much growth at Love Haven Church , and yasss the enphasis on the word is so helpful. One thing I’m constantly reminded of is the fact that, there is a wrong and right way, but then there is also Truth and that’s Jesus.

I used to think resilience was a bad thing, I’ll jokingly say that I dont want to be part of Gods strongest soldier(emi soft life babe).

But this year I realized that wanting to make an impact requires strength, Ive learnt that peace is not the absence of trouble but being in charge regardless.

Most importantly, I learnt that I am my biggest cheerleader.

So here’s to you Jesulewami, your type woman is the one with a quiet strength and elastic heart, you’re a light that keeps shining brighter and brighter. You’re an excellent and enlightful woman, an actual engima🍾. You stand before Kings and not mere men darling.

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