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Spin Cycle

“Stay away from me!” she screamed at him before slamming the door.

He pounded on the frame. “I am sorry! Please let me in!!”

Her battered arms were bathed in the roses she just received. She was done with his infidelities, his cruelties, and his abuse. She was over the fantasy he wove for the two of them. She let the thorns bury themselves into her bruises, feeling nothing as they drew blood. No more “I love you”s before a hateful tirade. No more seeing his mask come off after a few brandy shots. No more acting like she wanted to when she did not.

And now she had a shiny clean, brand new life ahead of her. She was free.

“I’m innocent, sweetie! It’s different this time! I promise! Just wait till I tell you what happened!” He continued his knocking.

Wait a second…he sounded serious. She sensed his sincerity and she felt a tinge of hope. After all, who else knew him better than she did?

“He did promise that it was different this time,” she reminded herself as her thoughts churned through the spin cycle. Is there a chance this was just a huge misunderstanding?

What if he was going to tell her his truth and it would explain away everything he has done? Everything would then make sense and could be blithely forgiven. He could return to the man with whom she loved with everything she had. Those nagging but slowly retiring voices would realize they were wrong to doubt him. There had to be an obvious explanation to all of this. Perhaps he had to hide his love to protect her, or he was testing the love she had for him. Truly, no one could commit such filthy atrocities to someone who loved him so much. Those other girls meant nothing. This was all crazy mix up. It had to be.

After all she had been through, he deserved another chance.

She couldn’t let herself throw it all away because she wasn’t being reasonable and wouldn’t hear his side.

She would hear him out and then he would come back to her.

She dropped her flowers and her dignity once more as she ran to the door.

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