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The fight about time

and why Dadpreneurs struggle the most

Time is the worlds most valuable commodity.

An accepted truth that might rob us from the core value of life.

Since the first and second industrial revolution, our time has become a commodity.

We are taught to value our time, that it is scarce and that we have to protect it.

In a world measured by numbers and GDP growth. The businesses we work in are judged by their financial reports and at the end of the month, we get it black on white how much our time is worth.

In a world and a nation that always strive for growth we and e natural in an experience that is not enough, scarce and we are fighting from the bottom to get up.

The growth or not is another question however we have the opportunity to take back the ownership of our time.

In a world with commoditized time we experience stress.

Stress is a physical experience in the moment about an uncertain future that we in the moment project pain in to.

It might be catching a train, meeting the deadline of a report or picking the kids up for football practice.

When you and I relate to time as a commodity it is difficult if not impossible to see it for what it actually is.

Our great grandfathers and their fathers worked hard, they fought for their rights and did whatever it took to provide for their families. Their struggle is not very different than ours. We have higher living standards today, great communication, the Internet and much more. But the struggle to make ends meet and to fight for a better future for our children is the same.

As Dadpreneurs we are in two of the most stressful fields of life. The trap is deeper. It is harder to be enough.

Build the dream of your business and be the provider you wish to be. These areas are huge and the struggle is real.

What makes it a struggle is the fact that we see our time and there for our selves as a tradable commodity.

Time has been a commodity in human history for about 0.6% of our time. Is time as a commodity better than time was for humans before that?

If we go back in history many native cultures do not have words for time. No perfect tense or no future tense in their grammar.

What is then left? It is here and now. No doubt that the hunters and gatherers had a tuff life. They were also stressed. Stressed when they were threatened by another tribe or an animal.

When they were stressed the resolved it by fighting or running away. Like that the stress was dissolved. Today we are many living with chronic stress.

In the present, there can not be barter or a struggle about time. If there is no worry if there will be enough time, enough money. How do we then relate to time?

When the time does not become something that happened yesterday or will happen tomorrow. When the worries and the opportunities become of this very moment we turn from our of power to in power.

In this very moment, e can choose to take action in one direction or another. We can act out of scarcity, lack or fear, but just as easy we can choose inspiration, connection and faith.

At the moment we do that we become enough and we do not have to resolve the issues of the future. We can only do our very best at this moment and by practising that we set our selves up to do the very best in the next moment.

This shift has been one of the greatest in my life. It has lead to go from a struggling business to a thriving, to feel I did not show up enough for my kids. To meet them in total appreciation. From not being able to be present with my wife by being consumed by the stressors of the future to be able to breathe her in fully.

To take back the power over our time from a commodity asset to an experience in this moment where we have choice is probably one of the biggest gifts we can give to our selves and to our children.

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