Welcoming the Waves of Change

When you see the waves approach the delicate sandy shore, time and time again, it’s scary. It’s intimidating. The shore knows no difference. It’s natural, as it catches the force of the waves with…


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Are you the one who is using internal links to their maximum potential? Likely not! Fortunately, NEW GUY MEDIA is here with the 5 SEO ruling strategies boosting internal linking and performance of the site.

2. Strategy second, extreme topical relevance:
Experts will suggest linking to topically relevant pages. But, I would prefer linking to extremely tropically relevant pages.
So, the time I publish anything on my web page, I search for different pages on my site that are topically related, and I try to interlink them in the best possible manner to the appropriate pages that I need.

3. Strategy third, Add context to links:
There are many people who are using the linking strategies, but it hurts when I see those people using the irrelevant context or not using the relevant context. It is best but you can make it better using the relevant text attached to your links.
I would say, it’s a greatly effective choice of using the context around the link. If you are not using the appropriate contexts with the links, visitors may not take interest in your linking. For suitable linking and effective results, add images and add context to grab the attention of peoples.

4. Strategy forth, create unique linking:
Presently many individuals in SEO talk about linking proportions. Would it be advisable for you to utilize definite match anchor text or halfway match anchor text? What should your proportions be? I imagine that is very muddled.

I think a lot simpler is basically making each new link you add special. Make it normal. Utilize regular words. I will in general dodge accurate match anchor text totally. That way I will keep away from something that is exceptionally simple to do, which is over-streamlining. In case you have another site without any authority, Google has measures set up to recognize over-improvement when they feel that you’re attempting to control your rankings.

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