Is Hadoop dead?

Big data is the new black. If you’re not using it, you’re missing out on the world’s most powerful tool for analyzing information. But can Hadoop keep up with all of these changes? Is it dead? Let’s…


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You can call me Mike

Once I read that you could achieve the deepest parts of your mind by focusing in a deep breathing. The so called meditation. Never could stay still that much longer.

I released the rope around his neck, still can hear some air coming out of his lungs. He is still alive, unlike those two beside the door.

Shoot in the neck was enough to made them watch a little. While I got closer to my main target. The man laying in front of me.

Mr. Governor of the state. Father of three, donor for many charities and noble causes and child molester, absolved by courts yesterday.

If they all’ve done their jobs I shouldn’t need to exist… In fact, probably I would not ever been created.

He getting his conscious back. It is time for our little chat before the inevitable.

- Ugh… what is happening. — he is still a little lost. A slap in the face will bring him back.

- Today is your trial appeal Mr. Marone. And I’ll be your judge. I’ll be your jury. I’LL BE THE FUCKING SUPREME COURT!

I took a long pause after that. Looking right in his rambling eyes, filled with tears. All red due to the choke.

-But you can simply call me Mike. I sentence you to death… by torture.

We had that special night all for us.

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