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Oasis Infobyte Virtual Internship Experience

Hello readers,

Task 1 Landing Page.

Task 2 Portfolio.

Task 3 Temperature converter website.

2. Level 2 :

Task 1 Calculator.

Task 2 Tribute page.

Task 3 To-Do app.

3. Level 3 :

Task 1 Pizza delivery application.

I am glad that I have completed 1 task of Level 1 and 2 tasks of Level 2:-

In the 1st task, I worked on “Portfolio Website” project using HTML , CSS and JAVASCRIPT.

In the 2nd task, I have worked on the “Calculator App” using HTML & CSS, JAVASCRIPT.

In the 3rd task, I have worked on the “To-Do App” using HTML,CSS and JAVASCRIPT.

It was an amazing experience working here as a web development intern.

I would like to recommend this internship to everyone who is struggling for an opportunity to gain some knowledge and work on some projects to get hands-on experience in the form of an internship for their future endorsement. It would surely be the boost to your career and lift it up to a greater heights in the long run.

Thank you!

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