Broctagon Establishes New Headquarters in Singapore

Fintech solutions provider Broctagon Fintech Group will be opening our new headquarters in the heart of Asia, metropolitan city-state Singapore.


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Learn Healthy Tips to Manage Stress in Your Life

Stress can come from relationships, work, school or home-related tasks. When the demands placed on us become more than we can handle we become stressed. Stress can be beneficial when it forces us to stretch ourselves beyond our limits. It is here that we move from our comfort zones. However, when stress is beyond our natural abilities, it can cause several health illnesses.

Take time off work to relax

While we work to pay off our bills, it is recommended to take some time off work to have fun and relax. Many may consider this time as a luxury or wastage, but it gives you time to recharge. People who take time off work are more productive and creative. To make this work, schedule some time every week for fun activities. Do what you enjoy. It could be watching your favorite movie on Netflix or listening to some favorite tunes. During this time shut off any work-related issues and focus on the moment.

Identify your stressors

You cannot treat something if you are not aware of the source. Stress management helps us to identify our stressors. Some of the major stressors are identifiable like losing your job, divorce, losing a loved one, having a sick child, or debt. But, there are some stressors that need you to take a more in-depth look into your life to identify them. Your stressors will continue to have control over your life unless you can identify them and take responsibility. For example, if you are always stressed over work, could it be that you take on more work than you can handle. By keeping a journal, you can keep a tap on all the emotions and thought taking place inside your brain.

Learn to say “No.”

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