Geef een Twitch abonnement cadeau

Als je de TwitchCon keynote hebt gekeken, dan weet je misschien nog welke aankondiging het grootste applaus teweegbracht: abonnementen cadeau geven. We beloofden dit vóór de feestdagen mogelijk te…


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Why I choose Foster?

Some things in life are must but you never realize you need them until you experience them!

I saw a post related to some personality development on social media but I ignore it because at that time I think that all this things are useless only one thing can help you in your future and it is your studies.You should work hard and have good grip on your related subjects to be successful.But it was only up to that point soon I realize that I at least I should apply for this program and I did so. I gave interview and it was good one.Until then I was not sure to join foster but I took risk and paid fees and joined classes.When first class was over I felt over whelmed on my decision to join foster.Here are few things I learn from first week,

First week was just about introduction and knowing about yourself.Best thing happen there was the concept of YOU vs YOU.That little concept hit my mind so hard that it force me to think about my personality.Because for better future and understanding you should know your self better .I attempted 16 personalities test which help me to figure out about my self.Other thing which was best one was about our exam or quiz scores.Students know a days only study to get marks and if they achieve high score than they think they have achieve everything in life due to which they feel very satisfy and don not think beyond that barrier .This barrier is created by our education system which is making us servant.This is the reason that all those people who are owner of some famous companies have break the system.In real life it is totally opposite you should participate in events where your mind has opportunity to grow but unfortunately that is flaw in our society.

To overcome all this issues you need some program and here come the role Foster.I think everyone who wants to build his carrier and seeking for better future should join foster.Because in actual we need them not they need us to earn money.If we understand it timely and how important it is then no one will miss this golden opportunity.I hope that my journey with Foster will be a good one as it is in first week.Best of luck to Foster team for this wonderful project and may Allah give you more strength and power in development of today's depressed students. Ameen!

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