What to Look for When Hiring an Emergency Plumber

It can be a stressful and daunting experience when you need to find an emergency plumber quickly. The thought of having to go through the process of finding a reliable plumber can leave you in a…


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An Ode to my Saviour

I pondered and wondered
As I hold my mighty quill,
Indeed it takes a brave heart
To cleave and let the past spill

But in this process I realized
How much I owe to you, my savior
Sailing my boat through the ebbs
Because of you, I am a survivor

Looking back to those dark days
Where hardly can I see the glint of ray,
You came with your glistering magic lamp
And headed my wandering soul towards its lost way.

I still remember those cold winter night
Sitting silently gazing at the lone moon,
With a torn heart and broken dreams
My soul was about to give up soon.

When those voices were haunting my soul
Leaving me breathless that entire night,
And I crave for someone to heal me
But all they did was, ran out of my sight

Amongst the dark clouds, you came
As a silver lining hiding behind
Making my world shine bright
You never let that murkiness to rewind.

Maybe from heaven somewhere
You fell upon in my jinxed face,
Turning everything magically profound
You restored in me thy’s faith

Ohh!! my little poetry,
This unworthy soul owes her life to you,
From a survivor to a fighter
You bid my demons a forever adieu.

- Sonia Motwani

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