It Happened Again. The Inflammatory Terms the Left Uses

When the LGBTQ community began pushing their agenda on everyone, they did something that was very very clever. This one thing they did enabled a small minority to make major headway into our culture…


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Create an Internal API in 10 min to solve common problems in your company

There are excellent tools we use internally in a company like Postman or excellent libraries but they are only available in one language, or sometimes we want to perform an algorithm to return something specific like a random string following a pattern.

The problem we face many times is the limitations of those apps, libraries, resources… don’t allow us to easily integrate them. The easy and fast solution is to create a simple API that will be accessible from everywhere inside your network.

I will use in this example a Sinatra app that will create an API accepting requests for generating random strings and JSON following patterns supplied. All you need is Ruby 2.4+, and then install the next gems:

Then create a file with any name, for example: api.rb with this content:

Run in command line / bash:

Now you will be able to access your API everywhere inside your network.

For example, if you go to a browser and write this: mycomputername:4567/gen?pattern=20–50:@&num=30 will generate 30 emails from 20 to 50 characters.

More info:

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