The Black Woman Sabotages Her Own AGAIN

One of my colleagues (let’s call them X) has been due for a raise for almost two years now. They’ve been underpaid and consistently putting in the work to better a company that is number one in its…


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It Happened Again. The Inflammatory Terms the Left Uses

It’s Happened Again

When the LGBTQ community began pushing their agenda on everyone, they did something that was very very clever. This one thing they did enabled a small minority to make major headway into our culture.

What did they do? They redefined words. Christians had the upper hand for awhile in this cultural battle. The upper hand was held while the gay lifestyle was looked upon as sin or abnormal.

Then the LGBTQ community began doing something, that I have to admit, was brilliant. They changed the conversation by changing only one word. Don’t think words matter? The change of just one word, changed the whole conversation.

This change brought us nationally recognized gay marriage, thanks to the Supreme Court. It brought us all the gender issues we’re experiencing today. It even brought about the attempt to silence and marginalize Christians regarding this issue.

So, what was the change? They changed the conversation from a problem of sin to a problem of discrimination.

This one change even made some Christians supportive of the gay lifestyle. After all, if it’s sin, it’s a religious thing. But no one wants to be guilty of discrimination. Trust me, the LGBTQ community will play the discrimination card any chance they can. And you know what? 99 percent of the time it’ll work.

Once again, conservatives and Christians have been tricked. We allowed them to trick us by having a myopic focus. While the focus was on election fraud, another conversation changer started.

Remember back when there were complaints about the confederate flag still being flown? The reason was, it was offensive to the black community. It brought painful memories of slavery.

Then we had the George Floyd incident last year. Black LIves Matter became more involved again. Back then, some would counter with All Lives Matter. The pushback then was, “yes, all lives do matter, but right now, we’re talking about black lives”.

Then we’ve seen and heard all this discussion about election fraud. This discussion led to heightened emotions. These emotions led to the Capitol Hill riots on January 6. This has been a game changer and not in a good way.

Just like with the gay lifestyle, we allowed leftists to change the conversation again. This time, the words are “white supremacist” and “insurrection”.

Look at how many times the term “insurrection” is used, even by members of Congress. Like “discrimination”, leftists will use that term any chance they get. And you know what? It works. It even had Republican congressmen come against President Trump. It works so well, leftists will never, ever use the term “insurrection” toward Antifa riots. That’s how powerful that word is.

Now for Trump supporters, the conversation has been changed regarding you as well. You are no longer “supporters of Trump” or “those who voted for Trump”. You are now “White Supremacists”. In fact, most are at least in the closet, “white supremacists”. If you oppose Black Lives Matter, you’re a white supremacist. If you supported President Trump, you’re white supremacist.

Not only that, you are now also a fascist.

This term is probably the most damaging, dangerous and inflammatory term that can be used against someone.

You need to remember the mind doesn’t think in terms of words, but pictures. If I ask you to think of a pink elephant, you’re not going to picture the words “pink elephant”. You’re going to imagine and create a picture in your mind of a pink elephant.

Now, what do most people think of when they hear the term “white supremacist? They aren’t going to be thinking of the words. They’re going to imagine and form pictures of the KKK in their white robes and burning crosses. They’ll envision swastikas, brown shirts, the Nazi SS and Adolph Hitler.

It’s a very effective strategy by leftists and conservatives allowed it to happen again.

There’s one more derogatory term being shopped around. That is the term “Christian Nationalist”. But that is a topic for another day.

Conservatives and Christian Conservatives, need to become more alert to what’s being said. Christians need to research this one and take the offensive, unless they want to risk being marginalized even more.

So, I can’t remember. Was it a white supremacist or Marxist who killed over 50 million of his own people?

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