A Guide to Understanding Advance Empathic Abilities

Think of an empathic mind as a forum beings visit. People or entities come to your empathic mind to present opinions, ideas, or concepts. There are also images and memories posted. The visitors can…


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The Black Woman Sabotages Her Own AGAIN

Black Workplace Culture

Why don’t Black people support their own more often?

One of my colleagues (let’s call them X) has been due for a raise for almost two years now. They’ve been underpaid and consistently putting in the work to better a company that is number one in its industry; the bottom line is the company has money and the resources to pay their employees top dollar, but they’ve been slow about it — this is beside the point, though.

Thankfully, X has recently acquired a new manager who advocates for getting them the pay they deserve. And guess what? X’s new manager is a White male.

But here’s problem #1: X is a black female, and the person pushing back on her raise is also a black female — who happens to be the Head of HR (aka in charge of the raises at this particular company).

I have another colleague (let’s call them Z) starting at the same company in a few weeks, and their starting salary is only 6,000 behind X’s salary who is a manager. This is a clear example of how effed up the company’s pay structure is for more senior employees.

But here comes the second surprise: Instead of the Head of HR being okay with paying Z their starting salary, she suggested paying Z lower and keeping X at the same pay.

All X’s managers and senior leadership are on board with her getting a pay raise, but the black woman who is Head of HR is pushing back hard to ensure both black individuals stay underpaid.

If you’ve read my article — Dear Minorities: My Best Bosses Were White Women, then you’re familiar with my own experiences in the workplace.

To date, I have never had a catastrophic work experience with a non-colored, white individual. All of my negative work experiences have derived from people of color — and most frequently Black individuals.

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