The fight about time

In a world measured by numbers and GDP growth. The businesses we work in are judged by their financial reports and at the end of the month, we get it black on white how much our time is worth. In a…


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February 2021

APM, InAppBilling, OneSignal, Facebook and Unity

This month we have updated some of our most important extensions, including a new service for In-App Billing (Samsung and macOS), major SDK updates for OneSignal (Push Notifications) and Facebook.

Our lead developer is working on a pet project at the moment and is looking for support to get it off the ground.

It’s a much needed missing part of the AIR ecosystem but unfortunately it’s too large a project for us to develop internally.

InAppBilling now includes support for the Samsung Galaxy Store In-App Purchases. This builds upon the existing support for Google Play, Apple, Amazon and Huawei, so you have access to all the majors stores through one API.

We have added support for Apple AppStore purchases from macOS. So you can now support macOS, iOS and tvOS all through this extension.

Additionally Google Play Billing has been updated to the latest release (v3.0.2).

OneSignal has been updated to the latest SDK which brings a raft of improvements to the platform under the hood. This update includes the following versions:

Facebook has released a major update to their SDK (v9.0.0). You probably have received a message along the following lines:

This is a change as all previous versions of the SDK will stop working after the specified date.

As part of this update Facebook has introduced the concept of a “limited login” that allows developers to signal that a login is limited in terms of tracking users.

Several of our extensions are now available as Unity Plugins in the Unity Asset Store. This makes them extremely easy to integrate into your Unity project.

Currently we have the following plugins available:

Note: If you already have a subscription to the AIR version of these plugins then you have access to the Unity Plugin for free.

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