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5 Pieces Of Advice For Learning Emacs

I have been lived with Emacs for 16 years and will likely continue with it in more years. I programming, write articles, and do the presentation with Emacs, effectively.

I tried to escape from Emacs for some fresh experiences. I used some modern editors, such as Sublime, Atom, and VSCode.

The result is always the same. I’m more productive and more enjoyable with Emacs. Living with Emacs eventually becomes a lifestyle.

Two decades ago, most programmers were Emacs users or Vim users. Sadly, fewer and fewer programmers use these ancient editors, Emacs’s user ratio is shrinking.

Even so, I’m encouraging you to have a try on Emacs.

Something is good doesn’t mean it is popular. We should try to find the tools that suit ourselves best.

The time we spent on Emacs is rewarding in the long term. Emacs is the most extensible editor and gives users maximum freedom. We will get the best productivity after familiar with it.

Emacs is a 45 years old software. It’s stable and with lots of packages and supports for different programming languages and all kinds of tasks.

Most Emacs users are senior developers who have mastered multiple languages. I got well programming experience with Emacs, even for some less popular programming languages, such as OCaml, Scheme, and Clojure.

Think about how much our computing life revolves around editing. Emacs will be a rewarding choice for those who will programming for years and will be open for different technology stacks.

Do you want to have a try on Emacs? Here are my 5 tips for you:

Don’t be afraid of so many commands and key bindings.

Emacs has a learning curve in the beginning. Keep using it consistently. After some time, Your fingers and muscles will form memories, and everything you do is performed naturally.

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