Dezembro 2015

Enquanto olhava o deserto, meu peito doía. Sentia minha respiração ofegante, minha cabeça doer e girar. Eu ansiava chegar ao destino final a qualquer custo mesmo que, para isso, o meio fosse pulado…


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13 Tips To Everyone In Their 20s To Have A Better Self In 30s

In these early years of my 30s, I ask myself what I could have done better when I was in my 20s.

These are the implications of the search for a better self.

Here we go.

People learn from their mistakes, and they usually build sentences that start with “I wish.” I believe these sentences are meaningful and act as a life-saving.

I suggest an in-depth talk with your previous generation can be an inspiration to shape your lives.

Listen to their advice, ask challenges in their lives, check their energy level, and examine how they behaved themselves when they were at your age.

I think that history is recurring in most subjects, so there is no harm from looking at the recent past.

I would probably say this first if I had time to go back and talk to myself.

Your environment is affecting your words, thoughts, behaviors, and even your academic success. Your habits and routines are altering because you are trying to find a place in your peers.

My sincere advice is for you to stop your abusive relationship. When you are in that relationship, you perceive it as healthy dynamics of it, but that is not true.

Neither be with someone who is disrespected to you nor spend a minute in that environment.

Every moment you remain silent or patient will slow your recovery period in the long term.

Also, some friends are like parasites, and they regularly absorb your energy with their negative mood or thoughts. They might be demanding in their friendship, so as soon as you realize it, run!

Addicted friends like drugs or alcohol can be amusing than others, and you may spend a splendid time with them. I know what I am talking about because I had many.

These people will usually be harmful themselves, but spending time in these environments can make you aimless.

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