For most of us there is a variance between the person we are and the person we want to be. For me, often times this realization has led to some discontent that isn’t easily resolved. Is it about…


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How to Build a Successful Instagram Account from Scratch

On Instagram you might think of opening your first account or open a new one besides what you already have. In both situations, this article is for you.

Instagram is an absolute no-brainer platform to adopt these days. It is mostly organic, is visual and today it is used by so many people so if you are not on Instagram is like you don’t ever exist :). And it seems to be a great medium to actually launch a new business. To build an Instagram account from scratch is hard work and of course, I want to recommend to avoid buying followers, as this is a bad strategy and could hurt you long term.

While Instagram has a neverending list of advantages, its biggest disadvantage is that it is very crowded. It presents incredible opportunities for the brands to perform niche domination rituals, with +700 million users posting pictures and movies it may seem like an already saturated medium.

Maybe if you are still in the 20’s it may come naturally to use Instagram. As I mentioned in other posts, no matter your age you should transform yourself into a perpetual millennial. This could make a huge difference in your life and business.

Your Profile page on Insta will be a very visited place. If it doesn’t look good it will hurt you. As simple as that!

Profile pic — Many brands are using their logo which is in sync with their overall branding but they can use something else like a symbol used in a certain recent commercial or something else which is usually associated with the brand.

A simple, yet concise description — Write in few words briefly who you so people could understand in seconds what you are saying. People have a very short attention span (which on Instagram is even shorter) and don’t have any second to lose.

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