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How to Create a Todo List App Using Next.js and Neon Serverless Postgres

The Next.js Todo List app is a single-page application, which means that it only has one page. This page is served by the Next.js server, which also handles all of the API requests. The app uses Next API functions to handle the API requests, and Neon Serverless Postgres for the database.

The Next.js server is a Node.js server that is used to serve the Next.js app. It also handles all of the API requests. The Next.js server uses Next API functions to handle the API requests. Next API functions are a way to write API routes in Next.js. They are easy to use and they make it easy to write reusable API code.

Neon Serverless Postgres is a serverless database that is hosted on Vercel. It is a great choice for Next.js apps because it is easy to use and it is very scalable. Neon Serverless Postgres is also very affordable.

The key parts of the following Next.js “/” route are:

The useSWR hook is a React hook that makes it easy to fetch data from an API and update the state of your application when the data changes. The useState hook is a React hook that makes it easy to manage the state of your application, such as the text of the new to-do item and the search text. The useEffect hook is a React hook that makes it easy to run code when the page loads or when certain events occur, such as when the search text changes. The handleAddTodoItem function is a function that adds a new to-do item to the list. The handleCheckboxChange function is a function that toggles the completion status of a to-do item…

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