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I really love Dungeons and Dragons. It’s creative, collaborative storytelling at it’s best, and there’s a ton to be learned about product design and teamwork from roleplaying, especially as the game…


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How To Change The World By Making Your Bed

Everyone wants to change the world, but no one knows how. Changing the world does not need to be on a grand scale. It can start by changing one individual who later changes the other person they meet in their journey.

However, I bet you clicked on this article thinking, “How does making my bed help me change the world?”

The answer to that is simple: making your bed sets up the discipline you require to impact the world positively. Often, we see these little tasks as unimportant and uninteresting. Frankly, they are boring. But we miss the point of doing them, which to create discipline. With discipline, you will be able to change the world, however, to those who do not have discipline. They can never drastically change the world, purely from them giving up in the end.

Discipline is not only used for changing the world but to change yourself as a person.

I’ve recently taken a break from writing due to me finding other unproductive pleasures in my life. These little bad habits added up to me not write for a whole month when I promised myself I would write every day, not only because it’s good for me but also because I enjoyed it.

From me doing this one simple, pleasurable thing that made me obsessed, I, later on, went in a rabbit hole that was purely seeking pleasure and abandon everything that requires a little bit of effort.

I am trying to say that we see these little pleasures as hardly making any difference in our lives, but on the contrary, they make a HUGE impact without you noticing.

So far, this is what I’ve learned from my 1-month break in writing.

But remember, no matter what, do not break away from those little productive habits and do not…

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