Why building in overcapacity at solar power plants makes so much sense

An interesting article in Quartz, “It’s time to start wasting solar energy”, illustrates the energy industry’s mindset change from one of investing just enough to cover demand and then passing on…


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Pledgecamp WeeklyUpdate. Entering 2019 With Confidence.

2018 brought a lot of exciting things for us. We started with an idea of Pledgecamp, a crowdfunding platform that will change the industry for the better.
Later that year, we started working on the white paper, marketing plan, and the prototype. We have gained many valuable partnerships that are still with us today.
As we are entering 2019 with a lot of confidence and more exciting plans, let’s have a look at some events that happened not long ago before our team went on a little break.

We are fortunate to work with Metalab — a group of fabulous professionals in UX/UI field. We are currently building a clickable prototype and will be ready to show it off shortly.
For more about our partnership with MetaLab click here.

Pledgecamp will be different from the most crowdfunding platforms out there. Some of the features will include Market Network — a tool that will help creators collaborate with the third-party vendors necessary to execute on their projects. Another one is Knowledge Center — catalog of the expertise of the crowd. To read more about Pledgecamp ecosystem click here.

Like many other amazing advisors of Pledgecamp, Matt Curcio thinks that the winning recipe for a blockchain startup lies within its team.
“There’s a lot of problems in crowdfunding, there’s a lot of solutions in blockchain that apply well to each other, and that’s what I like about Pledgecamp.”
Click here to check out Matt’s video.

BitForex has agreed to a strategic investment in the Pledgecamp platform. The investment furthers our common goal of helping innovative projects make an impact on the world and speaks to the disruptive potential that BitForex management sees in the Pledgecamp platform.
For more information, click here.

Thank you for reading and we look forward to your joining the Pledgecamp community with the links below:

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