From chemist to developer. How I changed my career.

Since I was a high school student I knew I liked to study, I wanted to learn about everything, however, I never really knew what to study. In Mexico you finish high school at the age of 18 when…


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Three Ways to Overcome Not Being Promoted at Work

How I re-aligned my life and became happier

My colleagues were surprised at how well I handled the notification. I remember my boss was angrier at the news than I was. He vowed to call the higher-ups for clarification and to find out if a mistake was made. While I truly appreciated his support, I asked that he not cause a scene on my behalf. I was over it before the end of the meeting and was ready to move on with my life.

Every person handles disappointment differently. We all encounter setbacks throughout our lives. Some rebound rapidly, while others sulk in misery and despair.

Like most people, the news of not being promoted was amongst many of the disappointments in my life. I’ve lost many times, but I’ve also been triumphant. I’ve failed at more undertakings than I care to remember, but overall, I’ve succeeded more often than not. Despite all the disappointments in life, I’ve not once allowed any shortfalls to define who I am, nor have I ever allowed myself to be negatively affected by external factors outside of my control.

The following are three ways I dealt with not getting promoted and ended up being happier for it.

Life isn’t fair. Get over it.

It’s natural to feel disappointment, especially when you put your heart and soul into your work. It may also be frustrating to see your colleagues make it, while you didn’t. You may even believe that your performance far exceeded those that made it. We are humans, it’s normal to feel these emotions.

But remaining in such a state is unhealthy and unproductive. You can do everything right at work, commit ungodly hours for your profession, consistently deliver high-quality results, do everything that is asked of you, and still fail to make it to the next level.

Trust me, I’ve been there. I’ve done the 70+ hour weeks and committed myself to my work and failed to make it to the next level. It sucked, but I’ve accepted it and moved on. At the end of the day, nobody owes you anything, not least a promotion just because you feel you deserved it.

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