The word for the month is uncertainty

People hate being uncertain. When what we observe doesn’t make sense to us, when we glimpse too clearly for comfort how much bigger and more chaotic the world is than it normally appears, we are…


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The First Two Weeks

My first two weeks as a writer on Medium — The bad, the good, and the spectacular.

The last two weeks have been exciting. They have also been equally exhausting. They have made me happy and sad. They have filled me with hope and then burst that bubble. They have got me hooked and left me disenchanted. They have had me oscillating between relief and anxiety.

Stories, views, reads, claps, responses — that has pretty much been the long and short of the last two weeks.

I have been writing exclusively on a specific platform.

More importantly, I have been writing behind an “iron curtain” which is as good as rolling dice with a day worth of honest work at stake.

But most importantly, I have been writing.

As far as I can tell, I have always enjoyed writing. I write because it is liberating. It is exhilarating.

One can’t write the troubles away, but writing does induce some measure of order into the chaos of mind.

If engaged in with one’s heart and soul, writing is catharsis. It brings forth sublime ideas and dissolves internal conflicts.

But that is intellectually constricting, for a variety of reasons. The worst of which is the implicit demand that one should fit the ideas in to the ideological mould of the publication.

A Left leaning publication would entertain an opinion as long as it does not go against their utopian benchmark of what constitutes a “progressive” idea. Same goes for the Right leaning publications too — show the “welfare state” in positive light and the article is dead.

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