O poder do garfo

Evento quer transformar a cidade de São Paulo no principal celeiro das discussões para o combate à fome no mundo A frase do chef Alex Atala deu o tom do lançamento do FRU.TO, uma iniciativa que…


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February RPG Podcast Debuts

A monthly guide to adding new shows to your podcast inventory

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February continues to fill our podcast feeds with even more new content, with fourteen new additions this month (that we could find!). While D&D is always a popular system to use in podcasts, this month we’re excited to see Star Wars FFG, Shadowrun, L5R, and FATE in the mix!

This month’s debut list was curated by Tess Cocchio.

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Tabletop Micdrop is a publication about tabletop roleplaying games (TTRPGs), storytelling, and the RPG podcast industry. We want to share our passion for the TTRPG audio medium, introduce folks to new shows, and explore the RPG podcast industry together.

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