Estudio de cabeza y manos

Lo primero que aprendimos al llegar a la facultad es a hacer dibujos lineales y a valorar la linea, ahora un año después seguimos practicando. Esto no es coincidencia ya que incluso los grandes…


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Hotwife Red Goes to Las Vegas

Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash

Hotwife | Gangbang | Voyeurism | Facial

Where she has a gangbang session with 4 strange men as Hubby watches

The beats were thumping, but the Vegas pool club was kind of dead. I was hanging out at the bar with my friend with benefits, Jen. A beautiful blonde, built like a brick shithouse and with an attitude to match, she was as disappointed as I was. We were looking for some strange action, but at this rate, it seemed like we would end up in my suite alone. Well, just Jen, myself, and my idiot friends that I call 1, 2, and 3*.

Those guys were prowling the dance floor, but there were only a bunch of tourists and a couple of Bachelorette parties. I’ve seen two kinds of Bachelorette parties in Vegas, one when the women become total whores and fuck anyone, and the other when they pretend to be total whores but run away when it gets too real. Unfortunately, these parties appeared to be the latter.

There was an interesting couple out by the pool, a smoking hot redhead and her man. They were clearly totally into each other and engaged in an intense conversation. But I noticed that they would look our way occasionally. I thought they were probably checking out Jen; she was a true stunner, especially in her bikini.

As I continued to scope out the scene in the rest of the club, I felt Jen touch my arm.

“Could be getting interesting,” she said, pointing to the dance floor.

There were Red and her Hubby (I could see the rings) dirty dancing right in front of us! They were dancing with each other but staring at us.

“I think you’re right, gorgeous,” I said as I pulled her out to the dance floor, “maybe a swap.”

As soon as we got near, Red immediately moved to dance with me as Hubby started dancing with Jen.

Red put her hand on my chest and said, “Hi, I’m Red. You’re hot, what’s your name?”

“I’m Joe, but everyone calls me “Boss”, since I run my own gym,” I told her.

“No wonder you’re so buff, Boss,” she said as she ran her hand up and down my torso. “I like a six-pack.”

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