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How Long Does it Take for Grief to Fade?

It is more than one week, that is for sure

When you lose someone you care about, it takes some time to grieve. It takes time to pull your heart and your mindset back together.

Usually, I try to have a positive, gratitude mindset. I know that most of the things are going right for me. But I can’t pull it together right now, not yet.

There are many common feelings that you will feel when you experience a loss of someone close to you. Though these feelings, and the way you move through them, will be different for everyone.

Right now, I do feel really sad about things. And angry. And, how do you expect to feel sad when you feel so broken. Emptiness? It is like there is a hole carved into my heart where my friend used to live.

I understand these feelings all too well right now. It is like there is a fresh cut through my heart, through every fiber of my being.

There are stages that we go through while grieving the loss of a loved one. These represent the different emotions and rationalizations that we give ourselves during times of loss and suffering.

Right now, I am cycling through all of these different emotions after the loss of a dear friend last week. When you lose someone, it can make your head and heart feel like a mess.

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