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The eight elements of life

Our life is based on freedom, rights, actions and other emotional traits. But we could not move an inch if one of these emotional traits stopped working well. These emotional traits are indeed so vital that if one of these traits lost its function in the middle of its living state, we could not survive at all. Therefore, we should nourish and care about these emotional traits in such a way that we could improve our lifestyle and living as well.


Practically service is the token of our living state. The reason is that we deliver service to our society when we are called to solve a problem. It means delivering a service for solving a problem which may be physical, mental, financial or spiritual or maybe others. Sometimes we could not judge well regarding offering service to a particular problem. It happens because of our lack of judging the true meaning of service. Sometimes we get a service call, which is not a service call at all, rather it is a trap for us. Therefore, judge it well before you repent after delivering the service. You should know that life is precious and also you are only responsible for caring for your life as well.


You will never find a single person who does not dream at all. Rather, you can say that everybody dreams a lot for the betterment of their life. But sometimes our dream could stand in front of us as a barrier as well. You should keep in your mind that never allow your dream to rule over you. If you do, then it will destroy you instantly. The reason is that every dream has a powerful vibe which affects us heavily. If your dream needs unrealistic effort, then it will bring you into trouble. The reason is that you should keep in your mind that dreams always improve our expectations and achievement as well. But when it could do it, then it becomes a menace to you as well. You should keep in your mind that a dream never builds a relationship, but it builds an accomplishment as well.


It is life’s vital element. The reason is that success is a self-inflicting tool as it brings good and bad effects on our life. But we always read success with a positive mindset. Therefore, we could not see its negative effects on our life. When you will get success in your life, then on the other sides of the coin like greed, jealousy and other negative emotions will get to rise, which is very much detrimental for you to enjoy your success as well. You should keep in your mind that the proudly feeling about success in yourself will diminish when you will get yourself more in your work and do more needful to contain your success feeling.


Unless you care for others, nobody will care for you. It is a true conviction. Sometimes when we decide to care for someone according to our mind's choice. Its meaning is that we prefer most to care for our own loved one first and then if we think to care for others who are outside of our blood relation. But in life, if you like to shine through, then you should not discriminate between blood-relation and non-blood relations as well. Caring for someone is a direct blessing from God that you will get instantly. You should know that caring is a potion for a wounded soul. Therefore, when you care for someone, then your wounds will be cured instantly as well.


You know that every action has an opposite reaction. It also applied this kind of conviction to our actions. If your action is goal-oriented and beneficial, then you will get a positive vibe from it as well. But sometimes, we could not act according to the principles of karma, which sometimes pushes us into a weakened state as well. Even, you find that your well-targeted action is coming towards you like a boomerang. It happens because of the misjudgement from your side as well.


Emotion rules our life. Without emotion, we could not become human or live. The main purpose of emotion is to cure the wound and put water on fire. It is observed that emotion sometimes takes a lethal weapon in a human relationship. The reason is that it will create when a poisoned emotion entered a relationship, then the well-being of the partners will be dislodged as well.


Freedom is the most precious element of life. Because without freedom, nobody was born and nobody could work. Freedom is based on choice, passion, action, and emotion. Both these criteria are vital for freedom. Just look at the animal kingdom. God gives them the freedom to select food and mate, but with humans, you find that God gave us free to write, free to travel, free to think, free to give and free to care. So just think about how is important freedom in life.


If you like to do something, then you should have a right to do it. Otherwise, you could not do it. You may know that right is the fundamental token of living beings on this planet. Because with no right, any life is not liveable as well. One interesting point to tell you is that right can be earned through wisdom, action and intelligence. If any one of these criteria does not work well, then the right will not come to you. You should know that right has a poison arrow which could pierce you if you could not handle it well.

Therefore, life will go on and on. But you will not taste its power and also could not decipher its enigma unless all these elements synchronized well in a single line.

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